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Intelligent Remote Healthcare Monitoring

At Sana Meditech we are leveraging medical services at a distance with connected medical devices.

We offer 3 pillars of intelligence for medical services

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Medical Device

A portable medical device
compatible with our intelligence

and medical service platform

and easy to use by a non-expert


Intelligence embedded
in a mobile APP for a Mother-to-be
for a real-time measurement and analysis

Clinical Platform
for online consultation

Intelligence counterpart for supporting a doctor to provide online consultation
based on medical data


What do our devices provide?

Our service is based on connection between people and healthcare providers through cloud server service,
in this way our user can educate themselves to measure their health status on daily basis and share their information

with professionals through easy to use, connected, and intelligent mobile application,

to enjoy a healthy life through different stage of life journey.
We offer flexibility over the time and location where you want or feel the need to have a quick check

on your health status. Regarding access to the health record, our service provides access in real-time

and also possibility to share the result and get consult from professionals.

Real time2.png

Real-time measurement

Connected device.png

Connected medical service

Online consultation.png

Online medical consultation


Decentralization of medical data


Our Products



Noninvasive Glucometer measures a blood glucose level (required by people with diabetes to prevent both chronic and acute complications from the disease) without extracting the blood, puncturing the skin, or causing pain or trauma. Storing real-time measurements for diagnostics and prevents possible serious problems by continuos measurements per day.


Baby Heart Beat

SmartFetal Monitoring is designed to perform non-stress test at home on well being and comfort of the fetus. The device allows to monitor the fetal heartbeat in real time, analyze the heartbeat rate and visualize an easy interpreting graphs for non-professionals at home and connect with a doctor in real-time. Especially designed for a stress free pregnancy.


Digital ECG

Portable and wearable ECG measurement of adults in real-time. ECG parameters are connected through cable/bluetooth transmission. It permits to record and display rhythm trend charts and abnormal rhythm distribution map, and at the same time with heart rate distribution chart.


Meet Our Team

Our team members believe that IT services should go far beyond fixing broken systems or protecting your software. At Sana Meditech, we strive to provide a cutting-edge IoT solutions for medical services. Call us today to learn more about how our team can help you get the most of IT and fully support medical center or institution.


Hessam Habibian, PhD

Chief Executive Officer


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